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Our location offers a cosy, elegant and modern space, with a collection of antique and vintage objects and furniture, elements and finds from the 1950’s combined to sleek minimal design and a mixture of old an new materials like wood and corian.

The perfect location for an intimate, elegant and exclusive wedding in Italy. 


The first shoot has the signature of wedding and lifestyle photographer Lelia Scarfiotti. Modern meets vintage in this loft style wedding shoot as complete contrast to the traditional rustic italian villa wedding celebrations that you find in Tuscany.

Full of creative, colourful and unique ideas that are beyond gorgeous, this shoot is bursting at the seams. The black and white postcards, vintage ashtray and matches, along with our favourites, the “ladies” and “gents” refreshment stations are just a tiny snippet of the pretty details to come.

One thing is for certain, this shoot will leave you feeling happy, inspired and ready to take your destination wedding design to the next level!

A Loft Style Wedding Shoot in FlorenceA Loft Style Wedding Shoot in FlorenceA Loft Style Wedding Shoot in FlorenceA Loft Style Wedding Shoot in FlorenceA Loft Style Wedding Shoot in FlorenceWedding in Florence by www.leliascarfiotti.com_0006Wedding in Florence by www.leliascarfiotti.com_0007Wedding in Florence by www.leliascarfiotti.com_0008Wedding in Florence by www.leliascarfiotti.com_0009Wedding in Florence by www.leliascarfiotti.com_0010Wedding in Florence by www.leliascarfiotti.com_0011Wedding in Florence by www.leliascarfiotti.com_0012Wedding in Florence by www.leliascarfiotti.com_0013Wedding in Florence by www.leliascarfiotti.com_0014Wedding in Florence by www.leliascarfiotti.com_0016Wedding in Florence by www.leliascarfiotti.com_0017Wedding in Florence by www.leliascarfiotti.com_0018Wedding in Florence by www.leliascarfiotti.com_0019Wedding in Florence by www.leliascarfiotti.com_0020Wedding in Florence by www.leliascarfiotti.com_0021Wedding in Florence by www.leliascarfiotti.com_0022Wedding in Florence by www.leliascarfiotti.com_0023Wedding in Florence by www.leliascarfiotti.com_0024Wedding in Florence by www.leliascarfiotti.com_0025Wedding in Florence by www.leliascarfiotti.com_0026Wedding in Florence by www.leliascarfiotti.com_0027Wedding in Florence by www.leliascarfiotti.com_0028Wedding in Florence by www.leliascarfiotti.com_0029Wedding in Florence by www.leliascarfiotti.com_0030Wedding in Florence by www.leliascarfiotti.com_0031Wedding in Florence by www.leliascarfiotti.com_0032Wedding in Florence by www.leliascarfiotti.com_0033Wedding in Florence by www.leliascarfiotti.com_0034Wedding in Florence by www.leliascarfiotti.com_0035Wedding in Florence by www.leliascarfiotti.com_0036Wedding in Florence by www.leliascarfiotti.com_0037Wedding in Florence by www.leliascarfiotti.com_0038Wedding in Florence by www.leliascarfiotti.com_0039Wedding in Florence by www.leliascarfiotti.com_0040Wedding in Florence by www.leliascarfiotti.com_0041Wedding in Florence by www.leliascarfiotti.com_0042Wedding in Florence by www.leliascarfiotti.com_0043Wedding in Florence by www.leliascarfiotti.com_0044


Photographer: Lelia Scarfiotti | Planner; Amore in Italia | Venue: Riva Lofts | Flowers: Fiorile Firenze | Stationary: Chino Rican Designs | Dessert: Golden View | Dress: Marchesa | Veil: Chic Chapeau | Models: Valentina Busi, Leonardo Cannatella


On to the next shooting,  also with a vintage chic mood!


The second exemple of a wedding at Riva Lofts comes from the amazing atmospheres of wedding and family photographer Rosapaola Lucibelli.

The photos tell about a joyful couple who choose to live their big day in the heart of the Italian culture with spontaneity and caring about details. An outstanding dose of inspiration from the combined expertise of different experts in the field:

Italian tailored wedding gowns:  Atelier Anna Fucà and Otto Marchesi Sartoriale / The vibrant and classy flower arrangements: Francis Flowers Wedding Design / The cool stationary: Colorful Graphic Fru Fru / handmade personalized photo booth of Missprint officina grafica / Cake design: Melanie Secciani / make up and hairstyle of Stefania Ciuffini.

Models: Angela Kotlar and Dario Bondi

The fun atmosphere of the entire staff during the shooting is very well captured in the video of Carlos Tamanini.




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